MICK d.o.o. is a company founded on May 4, 1992. The company’s headquarters are at Kukuljanovo 447, Škrljevo, in the industrial zone R27. The company owns two stores with warehouses (Zadar and Pula) and representative office in Zagreb. The company is engaged in wholesale and retail trade of reproduction material of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy.

In average the company has in stock about 6000 tons of various types of steel pipes, sheets, angular and flat steel, steel girders, aluminium and copper sheets, construction scaffolds, fence elements, grinding and cutting disks, vibratory nettings..., while its supply is directed to metal-processing and petro-chemical industry, shipbuilding, construction companies, retail distribution centres and it also supports the gas pipeline, water pipeline and all kinds of sewage system construction projects.

The company’s business policy relies on the use of human resources and modern technology in order to support the business events, business operations etc.

The company’s mission is to mediate in the best possible way with regards to quality between the production and consumption sphere, and the principal goal of the company is to promptly and professionally meet the market demands, which is ensured through cooperation with the leading European manufacturers. Good rating and reputation in international trade enables the company to provide goods of the desired qualities, standards, dimensions and quantities, accompanied with appropriate manufacturers’ certificates on quality and origin of goods.

We hope that you will recognize us as a reliable partner which provides excellent quality.

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