Division of Steel

  1. According to production process
    1. Normal steels come in most cases from the Siemens-Martin ovens or from converters; normal steels are non-alloyed (carbonated) or a little alloyed; they are generally used without heat processing;
    2. Noble steels are made by refining or refining and alloying in electric ovens. Noble steels are as a rule heat processed.
  1. According to contents
    1. Carbonated steels are the kind of steels where the carbon has a prevailing impact on steel characteristics, while the content of other elements is in such quantities which have no significant impact, i.e.
    2. Alloyed steels are the kind of steels where the alloyed elements (i.e. those which are added in order to achieve certain characteristics) have the prevailing impact on steel characteristics; little alloyed steels have up to 5% of added elements, while strongly alloyed ones have more than 5%.


  1. According to its use
    1. construction steels are carbonated steels (normal or noble) with carbon contents of C< 0,6% or alloyed (mainly Mn,Si,Cr,Ni,Mo,V).They are used for production of steel constructions, integral parts of the machines, appliances and various devices. They are:
      1. regular (carbonated or little alloyed) steels for common purposes (mass application)
      2. noble (refined) carbonated or alloyed steels for parts with higher demands (parts of machines, etc.)
    2. Tool steels are noble carbonated steels with carbon contents C< 0, 6% (<2, 06% or alloyed (mainly with Cr, W, V, Mo, Co etc.). They are used for tool production.

EN 10027-1 Steel labelling systems
Area of use
This European standard determines the rules for steel labelling by using identification letters and numbers, for abbreviated steel identification. Identification letters and numbers are selected in such a way as to indicate the real characteristics such as the main area of use, mechanical and physical characteristics, etc.

For clarification purposes it might be necessary to replace the main symbols, attributed according to this standard for the aforementioned purpose, with additional symbols for specific characteristics of steel or steel products, i.e. by additional symbol for purpose of use with high or low temperatures, symbols for condition of its surface, condition of processing or desoxidation type. These additional symbols are enumerated in notices ECIII IC 10.

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